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8 Healthy Habits for Spring

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After a year of lockdowns, uncertainty, and madness, I’m sharing eight healthy habits I have incorporated into my life that have really changed me and improved my mindset .

The purpose of this post is not for you to feel overwhelmed or intimidated but at the very most I hope you chose one or two things and try it out for a month. See how it makes you feel and go from there. Habits take longer than a week or two to actually become a habit so give it (and yourself) time, and don’t worry if you miss a day or two – it’s all just a learning process. 

  • Make your bed every morning.

Make your bed so you don’t hop back into your bed. By doing so it will not only prevent the likely hood of you getting back in it, but it gives you something to accomplish straight away in the morning which will put you in a much better mindset. 

  • Set limits for social media. 

When I use social media too much I personally find it exhausting and very toxic – especially since I work in the digital sector. I keep my phone screen time to less than 2.5 hours a day and have gone further and set some social media limits so that between the hours of 10pm and 9am most of the apps are off limits such as Instagram, emails, and safari. It’s also nice to remind myself I have those hours just to relax, focus on myself, and not to feel inclined to check my socials.

  • Replace your screen time.

Going off of the previous point, avoid mindless scrolling by replacing some of your screen time with something else such as reading or drawing. This is shown to boost creativity, plus I bet you will feel so much more at ease, productive, and happier after. Personally, this year I’ve really got into self-help books.

  • Sleep more.

Getting a good sleep is really going to help improve your mood, productivity, stress levels, and allow your body to rest and recover. I’m going to sound like I’m either a 3 year old or an 80 year old here, but I often end up taking a nap during the day because by around 2pm I feel super tired and can struggle to focus. This could be down to being anaemic at the moment or simply not getting enough sleep some nights. However, the main thing is, is that it works for me and I love wakening up from a 20 minute catnap feeling like I was asleep for at least an hour. After catching a few z’s, I’m ready to re-focus and crack on with the rest of the day. 

  • Get ready.

It’s been so unsettling with all the constant changes and having plans pulled out right from under your feet. During lockdown in particular, it can be very easy not to get ready because you’re not really seeing anyone. Don’t fall into a funk of staying in your pajamas all day just because you can as you’re not giving yourself the distinction of a chilled day versus a productive day. Get up and get dressed just as if you were heading out to meet your friends.

  • Plan your week. 

As someone who gets anxious about what’s coming up and ‘the unknown’, taking time out to schedule my happenings is a form of self-care for me. I usually have the next month or two planned out, but I always take 10 minutes or so at the beginning of every week to remind myself and to add anything else in. By doing so I have less made up ideas of what’s coming up, things I have to do, deadlines to meet etc and it allows me to feel organised and on top of things.

  • Journal.

I have spoken about this in my last post so I will just briefly touch on it now. Writing down my feelings, the day’s highs and lows, gratitude, and setting goals; journaling is something I’ve really sat my mind to this year. It’s a great way to document your days to look back on in the future, but it can also be so powerful, and not just in day-to-day life but also in the long-term! (Check out this blog post if you want to know more about journalling and the particular planner I’m using that has changed my life!).

  • Go outside.

Green space is so important, and as much as indoor plants are lovely and all, it’s still vital to go outside everyday and surround yourself with nature – especially right now.  Whether it’s for a hike, cycle, dog walk, or a stroll around the block, go outside and get some air – you will feel so much better afterwards.

So those are some of my healthy habits, I would love to know what healthy habits you have implemented into your life, so let me know down in the comments! 

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