I am 1 in 4 – A Letter to My Younger Self Battling with Depression and Anxiety

I understand you feel as though the world has broken you and has left you shattered and destroyed. I understand you feel completely withdrawn from life. I understand you loathe yourself and the choices you’ve made. I understand you resent the fact you feel forced to live as a shell of who you should be. I understand why you pray to God wanting to know the answer for why you are still living despite your insides feel like they are decaying.

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Dear Demi…

You’ve taught me that no matter what I, or others, go through, whether it’s a mental illness, being bullied at school, self harming, having a substance abuse issue or an eating disorder, not to be afraid to ask for help. You helped me save my own life, and I will always be extremely thankful.

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A Year in Counselling – My Experience

I walked into the room unaware of what a counselling session really was. Over the course of the sessions I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression – which I knew very little about then. I just thought it was part of who I was, part of being a shy, quiet person. I understood that everyone has nerves and can get overwhelmed before doing a presentation in front of the class, I simply thought for someone who had experienced so much at once that it was normal. I guess though I wasn’t being completely honest with myself.

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