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I Invested in The Planner That’s Going to Change My Life and Why You Should Too

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I think we can all agree that this last year has been one heck of a whirlwind and that many of our goals and intentions we had set for 2020 went out of the window. However, as we approach April, do you know where your 2021 goals are? Whether you hope to do more, get organised, dream big, focus on yourself, or just keep all of your Zoom dates in order, I have something that can help. Be prepared to learn new things about yourself and to grow as a person as there has never been a better time to enhance you self-discovery journey.

Stationary lovers, perfectionists, and well organised people alike, hold on to your hats as I introduce you to the planner you never knew you needed until now… The Happiness Planner!

The Happiness Planner is designed to not only help you plan and manage your life, but also live it with lasting happiness and fulfilment by embracing the power of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development to create a life parallel with who you are.

The theme for their 2021 planners is transformation – “helping you transform from your current self into your ideal self and help you tackle the lack of motivation which many of us have said is one of our main issues”. 

For someone who tries to stay detached as much as possible from my phone, I am a big fan of paper planners. In early December I was just scrolling through the internet looking to buy some basic planner to sort my life out after the crazy sh*t show of 2020. The next thing you know, I was on YouTube watching reviews on this particular planner. I thought to myself ‘you know what… I see it, I like it, I want it’ so I got it. 

Now, whilst this could have turned out to be my second worst purchase of the last year (with my 2020 planner holding the top spot), it has already proven to be far from that – I mean, should I have expected anything less? It did announce on the first page that it’s basically going to change my life apparently.

When it arrived, I realised it’s more in-depth than I originally thought. It comes in a lovely matching lid-based box and alongside The Happiness Planner, you get the ‘Your Roadmap To Transformation’ workbook, and a wee tote bag that has an inspirational quote on it (and who doesn’t like a good quote?!). It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Before you even get started with the planner itself, The Roadmap to Transformation workbook is 50 pages of guided exercises: 

  • My Current Self vs My Ideal Self
  • Who I Am At The Core
  • My Goals
  • My Patterns: Thoughts, Emotional, and Behavioural Patterns
  • A Summary of Key Goals

It is recommended to fill this self-reflection workbook out at the beginning as by evaluating various aspects of your life, you will become much more aware of yourself and your needs. It will also highlight what is important for you to do every day, week, month, and so on. 

There are different versions of the planner depending on your needs, how you like to plan, how much you like to write, and how often you like to reflect. I bought the dated Happiness Planner that runs from January to December (there’s also a July to June version) and in the colour design Brooklyn because I’m very much feeling that vibe – fitting as I also have some odd obsession with New York City.

I find the chunky, spiral bound planner is a wonderful tool that I use for both work and personal life. I take ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening to plan and reflect on my day. The planner has a one day per page layout, with each day starting with an inspirational quote (did I mention, I do love a quote), with monthly planning and reflection pages, alongside beginning and end of year reflection pages. It’s a great way to set and achieve your goals for the year and see how much your mindset has alternated over the course. For a more in-depth look at all the sections and prompts inside this planner, check it out here. 

I’ve always approached planning as simply keeping track of important dates coming up and my daily to-do list whilst insuring I accomplish my work and personal goals for the week. But The Happiness Planner, and the materials it comes with, has got me strategically planning my entire life. I’m talking big life goals, long-term plans, hobbies, and making more time for the things that matter most to me. I know it sounds like a simple concept, but can you honestly say you’ve used a planner to actually plan happiness into your daily routine? 

With greater self-awareness and self-empowerment, we can become the master of our own mind and feel happy and inspired no matter what life throws at us. If you want to become an instant girl boss and take over the world (well, your world anyways) visit The Happiness Planner!


[Lead image (left) : Instagram/@happinessplanner]


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